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Gandolfi-Family Business - Production Team

Gandolfi 'Family Business' A film by David and Ken Griffiths

Original music - Glen Gordon

Editor - Michael Dixon

Writer - Laurie Lewis

Cinematography - David Griffiths

Executive Producer - Joe Dunton

Co-producers - Laurie Lewis and Michael Dixon

Producers - Pamela, David and Ken Griffiths

Director - Ken Griffiths

Production Manager - Pamela Griffiths

Production Assistants - Rahanna Firrell and Rebekah Gilbertson

Sound - Laurie Lewis

Sound Equipment - Richmond Film Services

Post Production - Michael Dixon

Avid Online Facilities - Edit Heaven

Camera Crew: Peter James, Martin Coppin, Richard Holoborrow, Bret Lambshine, Clive Jackson, Gavin Finney, Leigh Crisp, Tony Haynes, Katerina Mattingley, Jeremy Young, Jean-Luc Benard, Alexi Williams.

The Producers specially thank:

The Gandolfi Family, Neighbours, Friends

The Many Contributors, including:

Metropolitan Police Silver Band: Inspector John Hillier

H M Prison, Pentonville: Alwyn Slocombe

Queens Hotel, Bournemouth: David Burr

Saint Brides Church: Rev, Canon John Oates, Robert Jones, Matthew Morley

Southampton Camera Club

Top Knot Hairdressers: Jill Evans

Vintage Cameras Ltd.


The Producers wish to thank the following, whose generosity enabled this film to be made:

Camera Equipment and Film Stock: Joe Dunton, JDC Cameras

John Perkins

Lighting: Len James, James Electrical


Thank you to: Susan Ashe, John Buckeley, Norman Thomas di Giovanni, Brian Harding, Bill Marshall.

The Producers wish to thank the National Museum of Film, Television and Photography, whose generosity enabled this film to be completed.


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