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Gandolfi-Family Business - Synopsis

When, in 1982, Fred Gandolfi decided to close the family business, photographer Ken Griffiths thought the Peckham workshop and its unique contents should be recorded for posterity. Joined by brother David and supported by a passionate team of film makers and photographers, Ken's project mushroomed.

Made over a period of 20 years, Gandolfi - Family Business tells the story of Fred and Arthur Gandolfi as they move from being the world's oldest living camera-makers into a well-earned retirement.

But, just as Fred is reluctant to part with the tools that have been the very extension of his limbs, the brothers Gandolfi are inextricably linked with their history and their workshop. The Griffiths Brothers film lovingly captures the beauty of their craft, the legacy of their family and the last years of their remarkable lives.

Gandolfi-Family Business;(2003) Dir. Ken Griffiths; Dur: 97 minutes; orig.16mm film